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Christmas Clip Art Index

Find and browse all the holiday clip art located on the ABKL Designs Web site, including Christmas, Nativity Scenes, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Oktoberfest, Patriotic, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day images, titles, banners, and dividers.

Bethlehem Star
View the Bethlehem Star in three sizes.

Christmas Animals Clip Art Index
Browse Christmas animals clip art of Christmas dogs, Christmas penguins, Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, dalmatians by a Christmas tree, and other reindeer images.

Christmas Cactus Clip Art Index
Find Christmas cactus clip art of a saguaro cactus Santa, a barrel cactus wearing a Santa hat, cactus with smiling faces, and other Christmas cactus images.

Christmas Carolers Clip Art Index
View Christmas carolers clip art index of carolers by a street lantern, men and women carolers by snow covered pine trees, Victorian gentlemen carolers, Victorian lady carolers, and other Christmas caroler images.

Christmas Dividers Clip Art Index
Locate Christmas dividers clip art of Christmas linebars, lines, and dividers that includes elves, Christmas packages, Christmas trees, dogs, toys, and other divider images.

Elf Clip Art Index
View Christmas clip art in the Elf clip art index of elves and toys, elves in Santa's work shop, elves holding toys, and other elf images.

Christmas Fireplace Clip Art
Christmas fireplace clip art of a fireplace decorated with Santa, candles, a tiny Christmas tree with elves, stocking filed with toys hanging from the mantle and two kitties by the fire, plus a fireplace decorated with a full Nativity scene plus stocking filled with toys and a cat sleeping by the fire.

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Glad Tidings to Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds
The angels bring glad tidings to Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds about the birth of the Christ child.

Christmas Houses and Buildings
Houses and buildings clip art of snow covered houses and buildings decorated for Christmas.

Christmas Mantles
Find Christmas holiday mantles decorated with Santa, candles, holly, tiny elves decorating a Christmas tree, an Elf train, wreaths, Christmas bulbs, and other Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Christmas Miscellaneous Clip Art
View Christmas Miscellaneous clip art of Christmas candles and Christmas wreaths and other Christmas miscellaneous images.

Nativity Fireplace
Find and download a fireplace decorated with the Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child, an angel over the stable, the shepherds, the Wise men, camels, cows, and other animals, plus Christmas stocking filled with toys, and other decorations.

Nativity Mantles
Find and download Christmas holiday mantles decorated with stable Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child, Bible, red candles and holly, Christmas lights, and other decorations.

Nativity Scenes and Clip Art
Nativity scenes with Mary, Joseph, and Bebe Jesus, plus shepherds with sheep, wisemen with camels, little drummer boy, star of light, the stable, animals, titles, dividers, and more.

Penguin Clip Art Index
Penguin clip art index of Christmas penguins that includes a penguin family shopping for Christmas, penguins in the forest with a deer, and other penguin images.

Christmas People Clip Art Index
Find people at Christmas time dressed in winter clothing, plus a mail carrier delivering cards, and a fireman by a Christmas tree.

Christmas Reindeer Clip Art Index
Christmas Reindeer clip art index of reindeer in the forest, reindeer with a penguin family, Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, reindeer with Santa and a sleigh, reindeer with wreaths around their neck, and other reindeer images.

Santa and Mrs. Claus
Santa Claus clip art index of Christmas clip art that includes Santa and Mrs. Claus, Santa in the chimney, Santa and the Elves, Santa and the reindeer, plus other Santa images.

Ski Clip Art Index
Locate winter time and Christmas time ski clip art of men and women skiers, boys and girls skiing, skiers in snow, and other ski clip art.

Christmas Titles Clip Art Index
Christmas titles clip art of Christmas titles, Christmas headers, Christmas lines and other holiday titles, headers, and lines.

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